The Team

  • Vicar: Revd Gerald Kirsch


  • Assistant Vicar: Michael Blades

The Revd Michael Blades is our Assistant Minister and comes from a long family line of Preachers, which includes a relative in the 18th century who was an associate of John Wesley. Michael trained for Evangelistic and Pastoral Work at Cliff College Derbyshire. He also trained at the Royal Bethlem & Maudsley Hospital in South London as a Mental Health Nurse. He continued in the NHS Mental Health Service for over 35 years. For 5 years he also served as Lay Hospital Chaplain at Worthing Hospital. Ordained into the presbyterate in March 2015, he is currently assisting the Ministry of The Church of St Francis, in Shoreham - By - Sea. He is primarily engaged in Parish Visitation and Pastoral Counselling as well as sharing in the Sacramental and Evangelistic Mission of St Francis.

  • Church Warden: Geoff Witten


  • Peoples Warden: Rosemary Kirsch


  • Treasurer: Tony King


  • Church Council Member: Meg Snaddon


  • Church Council Member: June Kearsley


  • Musical Director: Colin King


  • Church Council Member: Alex King